Spanish 313

Bridging Cultures: Latino Lives and Experiences in NC

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  • Curriculum Codes: FL, CCI, SS
  • Duke University
  • Offered in Fall
  • Prerequisite(s): Spanish 204
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    3.2 / 5.0

    Overall Quality

    4.2 / 5.0

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  • 13 Apr 2019
    Difficulty: 2, Overall Quality: 5

    I took this class with Prof Bethzaida Fernandez and it was such a good one. We visited Latino communities hit by the hurricane and were able to play with the kids and talk to the adults about their experiences. Definitely a class that helps you see a real community worth caring about in addition to learning and practicing your Spanish.

    Review By: dev
  • 11 Apr 2019
    Difficulty: 3, Overall Quality: 5

    very time consuming but soooo worth it. it is service learning so very rewarding as well great teacher and you go on many really cool field trips, quizzes are kinda hard though

    Review By: pcasado6
  • 03 Apr 2019
    Difficulty: 4, Overall Quality: 4

    I took this class with Professor Fernandez. The class was really interesting, I got a lot out of the service learning aspect of the course, and the various trips that we took were definitely the highlight. The only warning I would give is that the class started slow and then picked up very quickly about halfway through the semester. Definitely triple check your grammar on every written assignment.

    Review By: adamian98
  • 28 Mar 2019
    Difficulty: 3, Overall Quality: 4

    Super fun class that really delved deep into cultural issues I had not really though about. I definitely recommend!

    Review By: Melissa123
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