PubPol 324

Global Health Policy

Course Must Knows
  • Curriculum Codes: EI, STS, SS
  • Duke University
  • Offered in Fall and Spring
  • Prerequisite(s): None (Crosslisted with Global Health)
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    3.5 / 5.0

    Overall Quality

    3.1 / 5.0

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  • 11 Apr 2019
    Difficulty: 2, Overall Quality: 4

    Loved this class! Strong case study component so there were real world problems we were actually looking at not hypothetical examples like in other courses. There is a fair bit of cross over with PubPol 301 so I probably wouldn't take both if you want to learn something new.

    Review By: kuranda
  • 03 Apr 2019
    Difficulty: 3, Overall Quality: 4

    Took the class with Gavin Yamey. One of the most engaging professors I have had. Really liked the class and the material was super interesting. Highly recommend!

    Review By: CaraS18
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