Physics 264

Optics and Modern Physics

Course Must Knows
  • Curriculum Codes: NS, QS
  • Duke University
  • Offered in Fall and Spring
  • Prerequisite(s): Physics 162
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    3.6 / 5.0

    Overall Quality

    3.0 / 5.0

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  • 10 Apr 2019
    Difficulty: 3, Overall Quality: 4

    Really interesting content, especially with connections to contemporary physics. It is a little hard, but the textbook is great, so as long as you read it and do the problems seriously you'll be fine.

    Review By: glj13
  • 02 Apr 2019
    Difficulty: 4, Overall Quality: 3

    Really hard class but what to except as a physics major. I will say that it is easier as far as physics classes go but you need to stay up on the material because the exams are really in depth.

    Review By: JustinX
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