About Us

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Who We Are

ClassRanked was started by three Duke students - Hayden Hall, Dilan Trivedi, and Max Labaton - and officially launched in April of 2019. After spending hours registering for classes, we hatched the idea to create a site that would help students find courses that best suit their interests. We realized there was no site out there where students could find rankings of classes by academic requirements.

“We have transformed college class registration, taking away the guesswork and hours wasted searching for the right course.” — Hayden Hall, CEO

Students can find ratings of all university classes, filtered by subject matter or academic requirements. Finding the easiest class that satisfies a difficult requirement or the highest rated class in their major is now convenient. Students can read reviews written by other students who have taken the class.

In the past, we would have to reach out to friends, scroll through teacher reviews, and spend hours reading class descriptions to create our schedule. Even then, it was always a gamble - but we have come up with a solution. ClassRanked is dedicated to helping make students' lives easier.